A man that lives for the benefit of the people.

Tunde Obasan is a leader who has exemplified and distinguished himself in the corporate workspace. Tunde's expertise ranges in Leadership, Strategic Management, Project Management, Finance and Audit.

With a passion for building a viable society devoid of poverty, lack of proper health care services, insecurity, and poor schooling system, Tunde has committed himself over the years to guide both corporate and nonprofit organizations to be prudent in spending, accountable and efficient in their financial dealings to maximize outcomes for the growth and benefit of the organization and the ripple effect impacting the community where he lives.

His love for the development of the community has propelled him to volunteer his expertise to various nonprofits (Redeemer Food Bank, the Edmonton Mennonite Centre, ASSIST Community Services Centre, United Way of Edmonton). He volunteers with his local community league and religious bodies committed to addressing food insecurity, unemployment and those who were most hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

His volunteer service has extended to nonprofits that protect women against violence, providing skills training to help them become financially independent eventually.

He is a strong family man who understands the importance of access to good education and a proper health care system.

Originally from Nigeria, Tunde and his wife Suzan moved to Edmonton with their four children, attracted by Canada’s values and hoping to live the Canadian dream. He is into politics to secure the future for everyone and bring back hope and prosperity.

Tunde is the epitome of diversity and acceptance of all.